This web site represents a genealogical account of my family. It has two main branches, my maternal side, which comes from Izyaslav (Zaslav), Ukraine, and my father’s, which is from Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland.

It’s the culmination of a long genealogical journey that traces generations of my family from Poland, mostly Ostrow Mazowiecka, and Izyaslav, Ukraine. They settled in New York City and Boston, where I come from. It’s been at least 15 years in the making and is, of course, a work in progress, as would be any genealogical study.

I could not have come this far were it not for certain avid and very capable genealogists who taught me a lot and shared much of their research with me. I have learned that posting trees on the web is the best way of sharing information and attracting genealogical relatives who are equally passionate about their ancestry.

I welcome any inquiries via my email listed below and will share whatever I know. This web site is in a continuous growth phase and requires a lot more work; as they say, it is under construction.

Barry Sieger

Winter Park, Florida



Izyaslav, Volhynia province, Ukraine (FUCHS, SHAPIRO, NIMOY, DRICKER…..) – Leonard Nimoy 3rd cousin (26 Mar 1931 – 27 Feb 2015)



Ostrow Mazowiecka, Lomza province, Poland (SYGER, SZTENDER, FREJMAN)



STENDER, (Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland)
NIMOI, [Volhynia Gub., Ukr. (Izyaslav or Zaslav), Ukraine]


I have recently learned that my grandfather Harry Hiel SHAPIRO changed his name upon immigration to the US. His father’s name was Hershel TURZINETSKY and mother’s name was Sarah TELESHOFSKY. It’s not clear exactly why or when he changed his name but he was known as SHAPIRO throughout his lifetime in the US. He had a sister Rachel SHAPIRO who was also a TURZINETSKY and apparently a Philip SHAPIRO who was also a TURZINETSKY. Philip moved to California and I have not been able to verify his family but recently I have been able to touch base with a member of Rachel’s family who lives in California. Philip’s children included a Beatrice and Tillie, who used to visit us back East in Boston.

If anyone recognizes the TURZINETSKY name or is familiar with any of these individuals I would love to hear from you.

Extended Surname List

Adonajlo, Aronowna, Bandrymer, Bare, Bay, Bengelsdorf, Berkowna, Bjork, Blank, Boguszewicz, Borensztejn, Breslauer, Bursztejn, Bursztyn, Ceislak, Chaja, Cielak, Cielik, Daniels, Devorah, Dimock, Domb, Dricker, Drootin, Drutin, Dudu, Dzieczol, Erman, Fajncajg, Fajncalg, Fannie, Farbarowicz, Figa, Firstwife, Frejman, Freyman, Frid, Fryd, Fuchs, Fuehrer, Gelb, Glauben, Goldberg, Goodman, Gorman, Gottllieb, Greenfeld, Gruszka, Gumowicz, Holmstrom, Howe, Hurwitz, Ickowna, Jana, Joelkowicz, Jones, Jorgensen, Joskowna, Kalinowicz, Kapitulnik, Kaskowitz, Katz, Kiela, Kozuchowicz, Krasnoborski, Kunchek, Leavitt, Lehner, Lehrer, Leichtman, Leimer, Lejbowna, Lejzorowna, Lena, Leona, Leondar, Levine, Levy, Lewitow, Marchewka, Mariessa, Mary, Mazear, Meler, Mendlowna, Migdal, Milert, Monka, Mortkowna, Mulley, Murdock, Nadelman, Niemoy, Nimoy, Nowogrod, Ochberg, Ofman, Orenson, Palnetsky, Pejsiowna, Piekarz, Podbielewicz, Powell, Prager, Prawidlo, Przetychi, Pudgy, Ritland, Rudek, Rus, Russo, Rybka, Sahinoglu, Sandra, Sarah, Sarniewicz, Schlossberg, Schwartz, Segal, Shalcofsky, Shapiro, Shedlofsky, Sieger, Sigier, Singer, Sirota, Siskel, Siwowicz, Sloim, Solomon, Spinner, Srulewna, Stander, Swawy, Syger, Szajewna, Szlamowna, Szmulewna, Sztender, SZTENDER, Sztender, SZTENDER, Sztender, SZTENDER, Sztender, SZTENDER, Sztender, TER, Tomlinson, Tykocki, Uzunoglu, Vann, Wajsbort, Waldbrunner, Wassersug, Weber, Weinberg, Welch, Wengrowicz, White, Wife, Winitt, Wiseman, Wolfowna, Wons, Zubeyda